St. Johnsbury School District Budget Recount

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Saint J RecountST. JOHNSBURY- The $22.3 million Budget for the Saint Johnsbury School District is now solidified after a requested recount. A Resident of Saint Johnsbury asked for the votes to be recounted after a close race that included blank ballots.  



The difference between yes votes and no was only 12, which is in the 5% range limit allowence for someone to request a recount. The recount commitee was made up of several town officals including; selectboard members, Justice of The Peace Members, and The Civil Authority council.


The ballots were carefully sorted, counted, and then were annouced. 986 votes were counted, zero were spoiled, 30 were blank. There was 482 votes for yes and 472 votes for no. This caused the article to pass as it did orginally. The only diffrence this time was gaining one vote for no and losing one vote for yes.


Stacey Jewell, the town clerk says, "Recounting, we took the ballots out, we sorted them by yes and nos and blanks. They were then sorted by piles of fifty and counted by two people."


The Budget for the School District is appoximately $23,000,000 for general funds and 980,000 in received grants.