St. J Academy Spring Sports

st j softballST. JOHNSBURY - With the spring season soon to be underway, the softball team at St. Johnsbury Academy is eager to get on the feild, but aren't sure if they'll be able to see their diamond in the foreseeable future. The possibility of another season slow to start due to weather is evident, but that won't stop coaches from getting the players ready for the first game come spring time.

St. Johnsbury Academy Junior Varsity Softball Coach, Lauren Smith, knows that there's a big difference between practicing indoors and out. Players need ample time outdoors to get adjusted to the many factors you're delt with when playing on a real field, but practing indoors may have some positive benefits. 

 "We will go down and shovel it off sometimes," said Smith. "The girls will come down and help out as well, it's kind of a bonding time for us."

Neccesary to any team sport, chemistry amongst the players is important, but does not outweigh the importance of preparation. Without enough preparation on a real diamond filled with all its imperfections, the Hilltoppers are at a significant disadvantage this upcoming season.

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