$8.7Mil. Pleasant Street & Gilman Avenue Bond Article Passes in St. J

st j sewersSAINT JOHNSBURY- Approximately an 8.675 million dollar proposal for an upgrade to infrastructure in part of Saint Johnsbury was on the ballot for town meeting. The infrastructure upgrades would be coming to the Pleasant Street and Gilman Avenue area, as well as the part of Concord Avenue, which conjoins the two.



Upgrades are to include improvements to the public water supply as well as the sewerage and water drainage systems. Both of which are about 100 years old and feature 6” piping instead of the traditional 12’’ piping that is currently used today. 


Town Manager Chad Whitehead explains that “the preliminary plans are done. We’ve got applications in to do the final plan, portions of [the project] would probably be bid out as early as this summer. A majority of the work would be completed the following summer.” 


Community members around town are also looking to fix up that area as well, as all of the piping issues has caused roads to deteriorate and become very difficult to traverse. According to resident Deborah Turner, “It needs to be done. You can’t just put off and say well maybe next year or the next year. It probably if I remember right, its falling apart, water is going everywhere and that’s not really good for the Cemetery there or the homes.” 


The bill passed this year on the ballot 721 to 237. Town officials are hopeful that with potential help from state and federal grants that the total dollar amount will not be as expensive. 


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