Council on Aging Rings in the Holidays

handbellsST. JOHNSBURY- The Northeast Kingdom Council on Aging rang in the holidays with their annual "Winter on Summer" rememberance celebration fundrasier. The celebration is a way for the community to gather together and remember those who have been lost in the 2018 year.

 People made donations in honor of those lost, after every donation, a bell shaped ornament gets put on the Christmas tree in the Council's lobby with the name of the person who's name it's being placed in. The United Community Handbell Ensemble made their annual performance at the event.

Meg Burmeister the Executive Directorfor the Council on Aging says, "To remember those things who have passed in the last year. And gives us a little bit of a different opportunity to remember those who were loved and cared about that are no longer with us."

This year the event was dedicated to the late Evelyn Shields who had been a senior companion for the council since since June of 1998. Burmeister says, "She used to help others in the community and she passed away suddenly this year and we miss her and we're remembering her."

Burmeisters says one of ther favorite parts of the annual event is the community, "Everyone coming together and to take some time to remember but to do it through music."

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