Flu Season And What You Need To Know

FLU ST. JOHNSBURY - Around this time of year, the most common form of illness is the flu. Though it has not yet hit our region, it is not to early to think about what you can do to prevent getting sick.

"Everybody should get a flu shot," said Micheal Rousse, a doctor at Northern Vermont Regional Hospital.

It is also important to protect those around you, and to stay home if you suspect you might have the flu.

"The influenza is carried by droplet, so we encourage people to wear masks if they have to be in the hospital. If they do not need to be in the hospital visiting, we encourage them not to come in," said Patricia Launer, infection preventionist at NVRH.

NVRH takes several measures once flu season hits our area to protect those who have to have an extended stay in the hospital. They also encourage people to make a trip to their doctors before coming to the hospital. And to be aware of all the flu vaccine options you have available to you.

"There is a variety of flu shots out there, and you should talk to your primary care provider or flu clinic," said doctor Rousse.

More information can be found on the hospitals web page.

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