NVRH Takes on Federal Exercise Guide

nvrhST. JOHNSBURY - A new set of physical exercise guidelines was released from the federal level this week, and the healthcare proffesionals at NVRH were happy to read about the new focus on physical activity for those of all ages. While many think that being physically active comes standard with a gym membership and a three-month supply of whey protein; the new guidelines focus on the simple act of being active throughout the day, performing simple, everyday tasks that naturally raise the heartrate.

"It isnt about going climbing a mountain or going on a treadmill for forty-five minutes," explained Laural Ruggles, Vice President of Marketing and Community Health Improvement, "doing any remedial every day activities are the perfect ways to meet the new guideline standards. Something as simple as parking as far away from the store entrance as possible is a great way to add steps to your routine, or one could even go for a walk around the block, down the street, or for our patients, a quick once around the ward."

It would seem that the new guidelines are meant to get people up and moving, not destroy thier energy and bodies in the gym trying to become the next American Gladiator. "I especially love how the federal guidelines set standards for all age groups," Ruggles added, "senior citizens need to know that walking is crucial for thier physical activity, and the younger generations are spending way to much time in front of a screen, they need to be outside, moving, doing something active. Of course when I was younger there was nothing on the television during the day so I was always outside playing. Nowadays kids are far too caught up in what is going on with the otherside of their monitor or television screen, nothing has changed for physical activity standards, and kids need to meet these standards if they have any hope of leading healthy lives into the future.

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