Christmas Train In St. Johnsbury

CHRISTMAS TRAINST. JOHNSBURY- What started out as a childhood hobby, has grown into Tom Turek's way of spreading holiday cheer. Turek says, "So I had trains when I was a little boy and I played with them all through high school."Every year the St. Johnsbury Welcome Center decorates for the holiday season and one year Turek got an idea to share his hobby with others. But as you're aware it's an old train station. And I thought wow wouldn't it be fun to have a Christmas display, a train display in the Welcome Center at Christmas time."


So Turek gathered some of his old trains, received some donations, and got other train enthusiast friends to build the display. And eight years later the tradition is still going. Turek says one of his favorite parts is seeing how excited the children get when they see the display, but also how it brings back memories for others.

"Talking o the adults that come and they come down and they say, I had trains when I was a kid or my brother hd trains or my father, my grandfather had trains and they're very nostalgic."
And Conductor Turek is always happy to share his hobby with others and spread some holiday cheer.

"It's an amazing little hobby and it's really fun to share it with the community. People come by and they always stop and say isn't this neat and they enjoy it."

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