VTrans and the Snowfall

vtrans plowST. JOHNSBURY - The Vermont Agency of Transportation has begun the long haul for the end of the year. The long haul of course is combatting with snow on the roadways all throughout the state of Vermont. The District 7 Agency had it's day cut out for it on November 12th when the Vermont Weather Service recorded nine inches of snowfall in the single day. VTrans workers were out plowing roads at 4 AM, and some stayed out and worked till 7 at night.


"A fifteen hour day is just business as usual in the winter time," said Gary McGinnis, Senior Maintenance Worker for VTrans, "Our job isn't over until the roads are clear, and if we can't do that in one shift, then we hand the keys off to the next team and they go out." Of course, despite their best efforts accidents can still occur on roadways. The St. Johnsbury State Police Barracks issued a report the night of November 12th reporting that in one day the police barracks witnessed and responded to over seventy-five different cases of vehicles that experienced accidents while out on the roadways.

McGinnis went on in his interview on Wednesday, November 13th explaining that while VTrans works hard for residents, they cannot guarantee safe road conditions everywhere. "The fact of the matter is that no matter how hard we try there will still be ice on the road at spots, and there will still be dangerous road conditions, it's Vermont. That's why it's extremely important that drivers prepare accordingly; they should have their winter tires on their vehicles, they should be checking the snow reports and road condition reports, they should drive slowly and safely when they are out on the roads, and if the snow has been falling all day, residents should weigh their reasons for going out on the roads."

McGinnis went on to say that with an upcoming storm expected to land by late Thursday night, on November 14th, many local residents should start making preparations for winter tires to be put on their vehicles, as well as buy some essential items for their driveways, such as salt, sand, and a reliable snow shovel. It would seem that the advice from VTrans is that the snow is coming, so it's best to be prepared for when it hits.

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