St. Johnsbury School Everybody Wins

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Everybody Wins ProgramST.JOHNSBURY- The St. Johnsbury school has been holding their Everybody Wins program for the past few weeks now. The program allows students to learn how to read with adult mentors during their lunch time if they want to.


The first session allows the students and mentors to meet each other and get to know each other then after that they can pick books from the library or bring them in from home. They are able to read books, draw or play games with their mentors and over time they become friends. It allows the students to have the opportunity to have some one on one time with their mentors and a lot of them enjoy it and look forward to it. The program allows every student regardless of reading ability to enjoy it.

"They just read and get to know each other it's about creating a bond between an adult and a child a good bond and sharing the love of reading and the love of books and using that support. I have kids who come up to their mentors every single time and give them a great big hug, I have kids who say to me what am I reading next when is my next reading day? I have kids who are not matched yet who come uo to me and say when am I going to get a mentor? So there's a lot of excitement that the students have about this program," said site coordinator Cyebele Hantman.

For mentor Diane Boisseau this is her second year in a row being a mentor. Previously Boisseau was a teacher and a substitute teacher before becoming a mentor.

"I was a first grade teacher here in St. Johnsbury for twenty four years and I did substituting after I retired and I gave up substituting and I still wanted to be in contact with children. So this is being in contact with not only a student but being a friend with that child in a different compasity. So she's giving up her lunch and recess to meet with me so we aren't a teacher and student relationship we are friends," said Boisseau.

For student Natalie Wheeler this is her third year in a row with doing the program.She enjoys doing the program because she gets one on one time with her mentor.

"I really like reading with my mentor, I kind of like staying in for recess when it's cold out. We did my drawing and we were inspired by the book we are reading and my mentor works at Passumpsic Savings Bank,"said Wheeler.

According to site coordinator Cyebele Hantman, the program started in 1991 by a couple and then it spread to Washington D.C. in 1995.The program then moved to a few other states and eventually made it's way to Vermont in 2000. The program started in 2008 at the St. Johnsbury School.