Christine Hallquist Comes to the NEK

hallquistST. JOHNSBURY- Democratic nominee for Vermont Governor Christine Hallquist was the special guest at the St. Johnsbury Rotary club on Monday. Hallquist had the opportunity to meet members of the Northeast Kingdom and speak with them about what lead her to where she is today. "My life has been quite unimaginable and I'll call it a miracle that I stand here today. But I recognize that the reason I stand here today is because of the thousands of Vermonters before me who fought for what is right and what is just," she said.

One of the biggest goals on Hallquist's agenda if elected is to get Medicare for all, and to bring areas of Vermont the technology they need. "I will get fiber to every home and business in Vermont, fiber optic cables so Vermonters can be connected to the same speed as the city. And we'll rebuild our downtown's just like we did in White River Junction and St. Albans."

She says the only way to fix these problems is to take action, and feels there's no reason we can't. "When it comes to climate change and Medicare for all, yeah they're big problems. But let's work on them and fix them. When did we loose faith in our ability to do great things?" Adding that she's never lost that faith.

Although President Donald Trump has made comments towards Hallquist's gender identity, she has a strong message for him down in Washington D.C. "One more promise, after the Kavanaugh hearings I promise everyone that I'm going to go out of my way to make Donald trump feel very uncomfortable." And that's something she says she isn't afraid to talk about.

Hallquist says she promises Vermonters that she will work hard in their favor. "I will be strong leader, I'm going to work hard for the Vermont I love and it has loved me in return."

When asked what it would mean for her to be elected, she said it'd be a referendum and that people do want to solve the problems like broadband and climate change. She also adds that it would make her proud, as she would be the first female Governor since Madeline M. Kunin was in office in 1991. As for nationally, "I'm proud of that as well," she said. "That's about expanding America's moral compass and we're in a serious cultural war right now."


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