Local Community Celebrates 2nd Annual Pumpkin Walk

GREAT PUMPKINST. JOHNSBURY- The Summerville neighborhood in St. Johnsbury celebrated their second annual Great Pumpkin Walk this past Saturday. Over one hundred community members came out to celebrate Halloween with the neighborhood.


The Great Pumpkin Walk all started last year when some neighbors wanted to bring some festivities to St. Johnsbury after seeing Littleton's success with having a Great Pumpkin Walk. So they brought it up to the town and the town had thought that it was a great idea. The walk consisted of many activities such as a haunted house, a hay maze, a lit up fire truck with decorations on it, free food and many decorations at the neighborhood houses as well as many carved pumpkins along the side of the street.

"It was a great idea and the whole idea was to compliment the neighbors main street event and we wanted to bring something different to St. Johnsbury, everyone goes to Littleton for their fabulous wonderful pumpkin walk walk why don't we do that we can do that?", said event coordinator Pamela Dearborn.

Some students from the St. Johnsbury Academy were even there volunteering to help be a part of the haunted house.

" This is my second year helping with this event, I have helped out with many community events.I mean for me I just love giving back to the community, it just makes me feel good inside knowing that I'm doing something that benefits something other than myself," said student Zachary Fucci.

The neighborhood even has a mission statement that they created for the event.

"We have a little developed mission statement for our neighborhood association and it's wrote, to foster and maintain safe and vital neighborhood communities. Out of that grows that caring and concern where we can take care of each other and in this day and age we've kind of lost that sense of community and it's one of the reasons for moving that back,"said Dearborn.

"It's awesome, it's joyful it's what life should be about really is having a good time at the end of the day," said Dearborn.

The community hopes to continue this event for years to come.

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