Dog Mountain Gets Big Mention

dog mtnST. JOHNSBURY- Dog Mountain was recently mentioned in an article written by "Travel and Leisure". The article was about the best places to visit during the month of October. For Dog Mountain this was a big surprise and a great feeling.

"It's pretty exciting and it means a lot to me personally of course but to all of us, to have any mention this place is really unique and well deserving." Said Pam McCann Dog Mountain General Manager.

Having the article talk about how great the mountain is, it sparked some motivation to only get better from this point and to keep the tradition alive.

"We're very motivated now that we're a fully pledged non-profit entity and the motivation here is to continue the vision of Stephen Huneck and maintain some of the production of Stephen's work."

Even though the article says October is the best time to visit the Mountain, McCann thinks otherwise and wants to remind people that they're open all year.

"There's really no bad time to come her because it's so beautiful and really peaceful vibe up here all four seasons" McCann continued to say.

She also went on to agree that coming up during this time of year is great and has its benefits.

"Yeah anytime is really great of course but Vermont is famous for the colors and that's a great time to come."

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