Squam Lakes Visits St. Johnsbury's NECKA

animalpresentationST. JOHSNBURY-Some furry friends taught class today for children at Northeast Kingdom Community Action's Parent and Child Center in St. Johnsbury. The goal of today's lesson was to get the kids excited about nature. The animals were provided by the Squam Lakes Natural Science Center in New Hampshire and were a great introduction to wildlife.

Margaret Gillespie a naturalist from Squam Lakes says, "Because they're young i just wanted to get them excited about the animals and kind of learn about things that they could relate to, and give them actions that help them understand how the animals move, and what they sound like, and to just generally to see some of the things that are just out in our woods and to appreciate that there are more than just people."

Bobbie Lepine, the family educational coordinator for NECKA, believes providing presentations like these for young children gives them life experiences that they will use for years to come. "They are valuable teaching tools and that presents an opportunity to have a better understanding of our local wildlife, when we help children establish connections to the world around them it fosters a sense of responsibility."

And getting the children interested and educated at an early age is something educators from all backgrounds strive to achieve. Gillespie says, "When they're like sponges they kind of just take everything in and they more natural experiences they have the easier it will be to kind of follow those interests and learn more about them as they get older i think it's important to get them excited right away."

Both Squam Lakes and NECKA strive to bring hands on experiences and educational tools to children and their families in order to grow and learn.

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