New Winter Policy Ahead of Winter

st. johnsbury roadST. JOHNSBURY - Winter is coming... and the town of St. Johnsbury has already begun preparations for the upcoming season by creating a draft ordinance for their Winter policy which they hope to enact this year. Included in this Winter policy will be a Winter Maintenance Officer who will oversee the the conditions of roadways and intersections throughout the town, and also provide influence and judgement as to what roads need to be plowed and cleared of snow and ice.

While the program at the moment is nothing more than a draft ordinance, the form was posted onto the St. Johnsbury town's website for public comment. Chad Whitehead, the St. Johnsbury Town Manager, expressed that this plan is meant to monitor the town roads, and provide a higher level of accountability for both town governement and members of the town. "We are not changing anything about the way we handle the winter's in St. Johnsbury, the written Winter Policy is just to put something in place to set rules and regulations for how we are to go about managing the ice and snow."

One very important, and so far overlooked, aspect of this Winter Policy is that it is not new in any meaning of the word. This policy was created a few years ago by Chad Whitehead and the members of the town selectboard simply to put the policy on paper. "There isn't anything new coming from this draft policy," Whitehead explained, "the assistant director of Public Works has already been managing the snow removal policies for the past few years, members of the firestation and police force already know this; we wrote up the policy only so that there is more accountability for this upcoming winter season to ensure that everyone is doing what they are required to do." 

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