New Brand & Logo at St. Johnsbury Distillery

distilllerylogoSAINT JOHNSBURY – What was previously known as Dunc's Mill has now changed brand name to the Saint Johnsbury Distillery. Duncan Holaday is the mastermind behind the company's distilling of rum, something that started out in the early two-thousands.

With a new brand name for the distillery, the name of the rums the company offers are still going to be the same. For example, instead of "Dunc's Mill Maple Rum" it will now be called "Saint Johnsbury Distillery, Dunc's Maple Rum."

Distillery President Brendan Hughes mentioned that their offerings have very good ratings, and the intention was to re-brand the company in a local way, not to change their product. To help with this, the Distillery opened a tasting room in Saint Johnsbury on Main Street last November to offer something like a storefront to avid rum drinkers.

With a local focus in mind, the goal is to attract people to Saint Johnsbury, so they can try the rum before they purchase it. Even though the distillery wants to stay partial to the Saint Johnsbury area, they were hoping with the addition of the store front and tasting room, people would have a destination to travel to.

The Distillery also has a mission to help the town of Saint Johnsbury by creating jobs and being closely knit to the community. Saint Johnsbury is filled with local and small businesses and the distillery happens to fit this description very well.
Hughes is very optimistic that in the upcoming months with the high influx of skiers and snowboarders in the area, this will bring rum enthusiasts to the tasting room as well. He also expresses that the winter season will bring fourth many events around the state where they will be sampling their rum.

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