Women of the Moose are Lending a Helping Hand

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women mooseST. JOHNSBURY- The Loyal Order of Moose is an international non-profit fraternal organization, who have a lodge based in St. Johnsbury. One part of the Loyal Order is a group called The Women of The Moose, these women hold fundraisers and events year round in order to support two of the chapters within the organization.


Those organizations are, Moose haven, a retirement community in Florida for senior members and Moose Child City and School for children and teens in need located outside of Chicago.

Over the weekend the group held a meat raffle in order to help fund raise for a new multipurpose van for the Moose City School. Andrea Taylor a Junior Guard for the group says it's a group effort between them and the other lodges in New England, "We're trying to as a New England Moose organization, we are trying to raise money to buy a multipurpose van for Moose Heart, to get the children to activities."

Taylor says, "It's very important to give back. I've had people give to me so it's payback or pay forward."
Darcia Bird the lodges Membership Retention Chairman says, "It's really heartwarming to know that you're working so hard to provide for assistance for other people, things, and animals."

The Women of the Moose say that being a part of their group is more than just helping others in need, it's about being part of a family. Taylor says, "It means I have another family. I have Women of the Moose that I literally call my sisters, sister from another mother."