Dux the Balloon Man

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balloonST. JOHNSBURY- If you walked beyond the main hub of events at this year's Colors of the Kingdom Festival, you may have stumbled upon an abstract balloon sculpture. The life-size rubber creation was made by none other than Dux the Balloon Man, a Burlington-based artist who lives to entertain.

The sculpture created on Saturday resembled a variety of characters, ranging from a sea anemone to a helix. And according to Dux, the uncertainty is one of his favorite parts of the job.

"It gets still equated with a thing, but never has that true form. And I think that gives it the intrigue, the extra intrigue. I mean if you walk past a penguin, or if I made a giant cash register, you'd be like, 'Oh it's a cash register', and you'd just keep walking on. You wouldn't be agoged by it all."

As the artist added layers of rubber intricacy to his masterpiece, he described his career, discussing his love for children and how it influenced his decision to delve into the world of balloons. "I love working with kids. That's really why I started doing this. I was the kid that grew up and just kept hanging out with the kids, and would get to the family reunion and i would just be hanging out with the children. And my mom would be like, 'No, come and hang out with the adults!' And I'd be like, 'No, they're boring.' Which is not true, some adults are not boring. Like me...I'm not boring. Maybe a little ego-maniacal, but not boring."

And he demonstrated that animated character as he interacted with children passing by, all intrigued by his creation, and all wanting a balloon of their own.