St. Johnsbury School Superintendent

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st j schoolboard 2ST. JOHNSBURY - The School board for the St. Johnsbury school as of Monday, September 10th, has announced their new interim Superintendent for the 2018-2019 school year. Dr. Brian Ricca, originally the Superintendent for the Montpelier school district has lent his helping hand as a 0.6 administrator for the next ten months.

This means that Dr. Ricca will be working for three days a week as the St. Johnsbury Superintendent and taking on the roles and responsibilities of the position. While this may not have been what the St. Johnsbury school board had in mind when they originally began searching for a new Superintendent this past spring; they seem very happy with this outcome or partial solution. "While this is not the permanent solution that we want, we do have others to help fill the void of the other two school days that Dr. Ricca will not be with us." Wenger said, "Luckily, Dr. Ricca has made it very clear that just because he won't be here two days out of every week, in the event of an emergency, he will be there to help in any way that he can."


It has been affirmed by Chris Wenger, the head of the school board, that they will begin a new search for another Superintendent this coming fall. He also added that with Dr. Ricca in the superintendent position, the school board will have much more time this year to find someone to fill a permanent Superintendent position at the school.