Lawyers Giving Back

Food driveST. JOHNSBURY- It's that time of year again for law firms across the state of Vermont to start givining back to their communities. This is all because of Attonery General T.J. Donovans idea from last year to start a food drive called "Lawyers Fighting Hunger Food Drive".


It first kicked off last year and since it was such a success Attornery Genereal Donovan decided to kick it off again. September is designated National Hunger Action Month ran by the Vermont Food bank and "Lawyers Fighting Hunger Food Drive" aims to raise awareness and fight hunger in Vermont. There's a law firm in St. Johnsbury that loves to participate in this event and give back to their community.

Mary Parent who has been a member of Downs Rachlin Martin for 13 years now loves to be a part of this event. "DRM since its founding has really been concerned with being involved with their community and supporting various charitable efforts, it's a value we feel very strongly about." Said Mary Parent DRM Partner. Last year Mary and DRM participated and helped collect over 4,000 items of food and around $15,000 dollars of donations.

All of the money and food items were sent to the Vermont Food Bank and By DRM doing this they are achieving their company goals. "We actually have a mission statement which list out our values and one of our key core values is giving back to the community." Parent went on to say. The food drive started on September 10th and will run until September 21st. Law firms and offices who raise the highest totals during the event will be recognized by the Attorney General at the Vermont Bar Association's Annual Meeting at the end of September.

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