Three Rivers Bike Path Repair

bike path bridgeST. JOHNSBURY- The St. Johnsbury Select Board awared the contract for the repair of the Three Rivers Bike Path Bridge that is a part of the Lamollie Valley Rail Trail.


The board chose MRM construction and their bid of $13,420 dollars to replace the decaying hemlock decking. The award of the bid is contingent on a 50 percent contribution from the Vermont Association of Snow Travels also known as (VAST). The town and VAST are expected to contribute just about $6,500 dollars to fund the project.

The bridge is eleven years old but it clearly shows the wear and tear damage that it has taken over the years from each season. The select board also considered another proposed option to install a membrane on the bridge and pave it but they rejected the idea out of concern that the pavement was out of place with the design of the bridge and it may damage the snowmobiles.

A construction date is yet to be announced.

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