Local Spin on National Donor Day

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NVRHDonorST JOHNSBURY- Not only does February 14th represent a day filled with love in the air, it also represents a day of giving nationwide. This day is marked as National Donor Day. According to organ donation statistics from the U.S. Department of Health Human Services, over 116 thousand men, women, and children and children are on the national transplant watiting list, as of August 2017. As you can imagine, that is a very high number.


I had the chance to speak to both an organ/tissue specialist and blood at Northeastern Vermont Regional Hospital earlier today. Carol Hodges, Nursing Education Coordinator, told me that out of the reported deaths at the hospital in the calendar year, there was only case where the organs of the deceased qualified to be used in future transplants. Hodges that these cases aren't as frequent because most families wait til their loved one's death to determine if they would be able to donate organs. "We talk about it more in our community the value of organ donation or tissue donation," said Hodges. She mentioned these donations will greatly enhance people's lives.

Pat Forest, the Volunteer Services Coordinator at the hospital, says that for every pint of blood, you can potentially administer services to three people. "That actually helps reduces the cost of blood produces for the hospital and in turn for our patients," said Forest. 

The next chance to donate blood at Northeastern Vermont Regional Hospital will be next Friday, February 23rd.