Addams Family With A Slight Twist

ST. JST. JOHNSBURY- The St. Johnsbury Academy Theater put on a show yesterday by preforming their Addam's Family play. This year the school changed it up a little bit by focusing on a play idea never before seen at the Academy, and this play had an unnatural subject focus.The Addams play was originally created nine years ago and was made specifically for Broadway. However, St. Johnsbury decided to make their own version of the play.


“Basically this play is about the Addams children growing up, so Wednesday is eighteen years old and she has fallen in love with a normal boy, she brings home the boy and his family to meet her family and that's the premise of the play," said Director Gerard Prevost.

Since the characters of this play all have characteristics of pain brining joy to them and sadness as pure glee, the students really stressed how important it was to think like a member of the Addams family. “I looked at a lot of different incarnations of him I've looked at bits and pieces of the comic I've watched the original show with my brother who is playing uncle fester I've also looked at the movies and i've taken a little inspiration from classic more vaudevillian comedians uh like Groucho Marx," said St. Johnsbury Senior Michael Lamontagne.

All the students helped each other out by sharing information they researched for the play. ”I had some background and I got to share it with everybody and we all got to bond over listening to the soundtrack and watching clips from the musical and laughing at all the horrible jokes that are in the show so uh yeah I got to do some really nice background," said St. Johnsbury Junior Emily Steen.

The show will be held at 7:00pm on Friday and there will also be a show at 2:00pm in the afternoon on Saturday. Tickets are on sale at the front door.

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