ST. J Dental Practice Sold

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dental ownerST. JOHNSBURY- St.Johnsbury Dental Associates has been owned by the Silloway family for almost 60 years, and last Tuesday, the Silloway family sold it to Dr. Darren Boles and his wife Suzanne. 



St. Johnsbury Dental Associates was founded in 1961 by Dr. Frederick Silloway and Nicky Silloway. After owning the business for 56 years, Dr. Katherine Silloway and her husband met Dr. Boles and his wife this year, and felt that their offer was more than exceptional.

“They are finding a family run business, so they said we are the perfect buyer." said Suzanne Boles. 

Dr. Darren Boles used to be a combat medic in United States Army. In 2004, he started his own dental practice in Laconia, New Hampshire, and is for excited for his new chapter in St. Johnsbury. As for Suzanne, who will be Darren's marketing manager, she already felt more comfortable continue the practice here.

"You know my kids already found their new friends in the new school, they have their own crew and have play days." said Suzanne.

Dr. Darren Boles wants to build a bigger practice, and will be committed to keeping the family tradition to for St. Johnsbury Dental Associates. 

"I want to continue the tradition as a family practice, and doing a high quality working to pay more attention on people." said Dr. Boles.

St J Dental Associates from NewsLINC on Vimeo.