Robitille Court Case Verdict

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ROBITILLESAINT JOHNSBURY - Melissa Robitille was in court again on Friday to hear her verdict in her case for manslaughter. In 2014, Robitille was accused of killing her son Issac, who is disabled, by allegedly pouring vodka into his feeding tube.

After three and a half days of testimony, on Thursday afternoon the jury began the testimony. And after returning on Friday, the jury came back with a guilty verdict after much of the day.  

For Kirsten Millard, Issac's former caregiver, as well as his deaf- blind intervener at his school. The verdict gave her and her family much relief. Millard and her husband cared for Issac in their home. She described him as a brother-like figure to her two children.

"I'm feeling like for the first time in two and a half years my family can start to heal and breathe," said Millard. "I'm very happy with the jury and their decision."

"He was apart of our family. Its been difficult since loosing him."

 Issac's Uncle David Robitille, says this whole case has had a profound affect on his children. David Robitille says this issue has caused his daughters much stress and has been detrimental to them.

"At the end of the day, the person who had control of that tube was Melissa Robitile," said David Robitille. "I'm sorry, Melissa Mcqueen, this is a Mcqueen problem, not a Robitille problem."