RSVP Snow Shoveling Assistance

imbrandonisuckSAINT JOHNSBURY - The Office of the Northeast Kingdom Council on Aging runs a program called the Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP). RSVP is coordinated by Karen Budde and it aims to provide support to residents aging 55 years and older.

People can sign up to volunteer and assist these residents with multiple tasks, shoveling snow being one of them. Budde remains encouraged as some volunteers have already answered the call to help shovel for their neighbors, "We have had a few helpers come along luckily. Younger males actually who have stepped up and taken a snow shovel to a roof and a driveway."

Winter brings a white, but not so warm, blanket to the Northeast Kingdom each and every year. While snow brings joy to some, others can't wait for spring to arrive, but this "blanket" can't simply be thrown off. Regardless of their opinion on snow, residents of Saint Johnsbury have to find a way to push, pull, or throw it out of their way. Roadways, sidewalks, driveways, and rooftops provide plenty of area's that snow must be removed from. Not everyone can simply step outside and shovel snow either.

While the roadways and sidewalks are taken care of by state and city workers, there's still plenty of snow for indivduals to remove from their own property. According to Saint Johnsbury receives an average dumping of nearly 87 inches of snow each year.

People interested in volunteering for the RSVP program can call Budde at (802) 751-0431 to set up a time to fill out the required paperwork.

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