Spring Concert

concertSAINT JOHNSBURY- Saint Johnsbury Academy held their annual spring concert; it was a special treat for the Saint Johnsbury community as six bands from the school entertained guests at the South Church. 

Ethan Roberts, a long time saxophone player said preparation took several months of practice to get this far.

“The hardest part is working together as a group, because everybody can learn their own part,” says Roberts. “But once you get together you have to learn to build a song together not just your own individual parts.”

Ethan’s love for the saxophone started when he was in fourth grade. He says playing events like these is what keeps him practicing his instrument.

“Its just always going to be something like a hobby that intrigues me that I’ll do for the rest of my life,” says Roberts.

The band loves the support from the community.

“Everybody coming and supporting us from the community, its great support,” says Roberts.

Band director Alan Rowe has been teaching music for 32 years and never regrets his decision to teach music. He grew up surrounded by music his whole life and appreciated it in all its forms.

“I can’t envision a better career,” says Rowe. “To work with these kids and to turn them on to music in all its forms, you cant beat it.” 

A few years ago there were 100 students in the band. Now there’s only thirty, but with a promising freshman class, Rowe is hopeful for the future.

Rowe loves to see the changes in the students as they move throughout the program.

“It’s so fulfilling to see your students graduate and remember when they were freshman and watch them grow in that respect,” says Rowe. 

Roberts said the next step for the band is preparation for the spring concert, which occurs around graduation.

What's Coming Up At 5:30

What's Coming Up Tonight at 5:30


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