Flying Into Fly Fishing Season

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flyfishingST. JOHNSBURY - Fly fishing season is right around the corner and St. Johnsbury Academy is helping Vermonters prepare. The season opens in May and the academy is holding classes on how to make your own flies.

 Fly tying is how fishermen attract fish to their line, and although flies can be bought in stores they can also be handmade. Al Pitt, the owner of Wild Branch Fly Shop in Lunenburg, says "You can catch almost any kind of fish with a fly." There are a variety of different flies you can have, like dry flies and emergers, nymphs, saltwater flies, and streamers.

The class at St. Johnsbury Academy gave everyone the chance to learn how to make certain types of flies each class. Jeff Borroughs, the Assistant Headmaster of Academics at St. Johnsbury Academy says "The idea of having a chance to work on tying flies with people that have done it before and with somebody like Al that has a lot of experience - that is why I wanted to come."

Although Borrough's is learning from the owner of Wild Branch Fly Shop, Pitt says "Most of what I do, I've picked up on from either reading books or trail and error."

Some ideas to keep in mind when fly fishing are to keep very quiet, don't splash or cast shadows. You don't want to scare off your catch. "Sometimes you don't catch any fish, but you still have a lot of fun," says Pitt. Also, keep the area clean and follow any fishing regulations in the area.

Borrough's says the class has helped him with tying ties. "I wanted to learn how to catch a fish on a fly that I tied instead of buying one myself - so that was the next evolutionary step I guess if you will," he says, "It was pretty thrilling to catch - even though it was a crappy fly it was fun to catch it on it."

Opening season usually beings in early May to late september but can range from late April to Early October depending on the streams.

The last fly tying class will be held at the St. Johnsbury Academy on Tuesday March 29th.