Prom Expo Helps Local Students

promexpoSt. Johnsbury- It’s almost that time of year that some high school girls grow up dreaming of. It’s prom season, and girls will be shopping around for the perfect dress. Some local high school students spent Saturday out while they shopped around for dresses, makeup, and jewelry at the Prom Expo in St. Johnsbury.


A prom exposition is similar to a bridal show, which provides a one-stop-shop to look at dresses, try on makeup, and jewelry. Carolyn Brown, the owner of Exquisite Bridal Wear in St. Johnsbury decided to give the Prom Expo a shot.

“We do prom gowns and rent tuxedos, and I do the Bridal Show in the area.” Brown said. “I’ve done that for four years, and I thought there is nothing fun for prom girls to have fun doing. You’ve got brides who can do that, but not prom girls so I thought lets give it a try.”  

Not only did the Prom Expo give girls the chance to dress up, it also helped them promote body positivity. Students say they were not as critical about themselves once they found the right dress.

“I am definitely self-conscious about my body and stuff, and I am always criticizing myself with everything I put on,” high school student Katelyn Brown said. “So I normally would just tell them that once they find a dress they will not feel as self- conscious in it.”

The expo consisted of local vendors around the area. They showcased their products in an effort to increase the community’s profit. Including the local young celebrity, Peggy Fischer from the Food Networks Kids Baking Championship, who sold her baked goods.  

“They’re all local, and they’re easy access and hoping to keep the girls all shopping locally so they don’t have to drive two hours away and find their gown or their jewelry there,” Cross said. “Just to show we have great businesses here that accommodate girls probably at better prices than in the big city area.”

Attendees from at this prom exposition will sport their new dresses on prom night on Thursday, June 2.


P-PROM EXPO.transfer from NewsLINC on Vimeo.

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