Baird Argues for Dropping Murder Charges

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OHagan ChargesST. JOHNSBURY - One of the three men accused of killing a 78-year-old Sheffield woman appeared in Caledonia County Court Friday morning. The court heard the argument from Keith Baird's defense attorney on whether the murder charge against Baird should be dropped. District Attorney, Lisa Warren argued the charge against Baird should remain.


"We believe it's sufficient enough to go to a jury, for them to decide whether or not it is reasonable or likely that three men would go into a home with guns," said Warren. "Two of them wearing facemasks of some sort on and not have a loaded gun in the middle of the night to go in to commit the burglary."

Warren also will be using Richard Fletcher's deposition in the case against Baird. Fletcher took a plea deal in March 2015, where he agreed to testify against Michael Norrie and Keith Baird.

Baird's defense attorney, Robert Katims focused his argument about dismissing the murder charge on the lack of intent to do harm.

"What you think are unloaded weapons, is that the want and disregard for the value of human life?" Robert Katims, Baird's defense attorney said to the court.

Katims also argued citing court documents the District Attorney is using, Norrie unexpectedly killed Mary "Pat" O'Hagan without any warning

"Mr. Norrie was with Ms. O'Hagan," said Katims. "Mr. Norrie unexpectedly, unplanned, without an agreement or any kind of inkling that this would happen, shoots and kills her."

According to court documents, 78-year-old Mary "Pat" O'Hagan was killed in September 2010 by Fletcher, Baird, and Norrie while they were high on crystal meth.


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