Coloring Isn't Just for Kids

AdultColoringST. JOHNSBURY - You don't have to be young to enjoy coloring in or outside the lines. The Catamount Arts hosted a free coloring event for adults and high school students last night.

The Coloring Club was B.Y.O.M. Meaning; bring your own materials, although the event did supply a limited amount.

Residents from all around the Northeast Kingdom gathered as they grabbed their crayons and coloring books to de-stress. "It's kind of nice to actually enjoy doing something and not be thinking about stuff," says Jennifer May, a resident of St. Johnsbury, "It kind of takes you out of yourself."

"It gets me out and it's a little more social," a resident of East Burke, Sandy Greer states, "Every spare moment I color."

The Coloring Club served refreshments to the guests and welcomed everyone whether it was to get away, to de-stress or for physical therapy. "The ability to focus into something other than yourself and well you've got all these colors in front of you and these colors just draw you right in," says Greer.

Adult coloring became a new trend when brands launched a line of adult coloring books called Coloring Escapes in December 2015. The books are more intricate than children's coloring books, leaving adults to pay more attention to the small details and lines to fill in.

The Catamount Arts hosts the Coloring Club the first and third Tuesday of every month, and will host another coloring session on April 5th and April 19th.



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