Second Hand Smoking

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second hand smokeST. JOHNSBURY - Its an up coming battle, but the Northeastern Vermont Regional hopspital's Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drug Prevention Coalition, is on a mission to educate and create awareness on second hand smoking. Second Hand Smoking which is the act of inhaling smoke from burning tobbacco or a smoker who's smoking and is around you which just might be as harmful as one who is smoking directly.A movement and campaign led by different health organizations  is spreading all over the country and coming to the NorthEast Kingdom to not only educate the dangers of smoking but to also encourage conversations regarding this matter.


In patnership with ST. Johnsbury Chamber of Commerce and among other organizations not only is the A.T.O.D.P.C trying to provide ways to quit this bad addiction, but to also prevent it from happenning by involving and teaching the youth as early as from middleschool.

American Cancer Society has reported that second Hand somking has also been linked to lung cancer,lymphoma, leukemia, and brain tumors in children, and cancers of the larynx (voice box), pharynx (throat), nasal sinuses, brain, bladder, rectum, stomach, and breast in adults.

Bella Mccartney who has been working for the A.T.O.D.P.C since last May has been studying the dangers of SHS and E-Cigarretts for about a year and a half.

Her passion to eductae and spread the message all comes from personal experience. 

 Being an ex-smoker herself, she has seen the effects of smoking through her son who now has asthma caused when she smoked during pregnancy. 

With a huge positive response through the surveys that she has passeed out in the community. McCartney sees light at the end of the tunnel.