Dunne in St. Johnsbury

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Dunne in St. JST. JOHNSBURY- Husband, father, and son to a 1960's civil rights activist and Hartland farm owner, Matt Dunne has begun his campaign for governor in the 2016 primary early. Dunne held a community forum Wednesday night at the Catamount Arts center as part of his campaign to test the waters in Vermont.



Dunne is no stranger to the campaign trail. He won a seat in the Vermont house of representatives in 1992 at the young age of 22, lost by a slim margin in the 2006 race for lieutenant governor to Republican Brian Dubie, and came in a close fourth in the 2010 democratic primary for governor.

Although Dune has yet to officially announce his platform for the 2016 race, rural development and economic improvement seem to be reoccurring factors present during his 2010 campaign.

Dunne says he hopes to focus parts of his campaign on "creating an economy that works for all Vermonters" and stresses a "campaign that's about the future of the state of Vermont."

A Google executive, Dunne also focused parts of his 2010 campaign on funding small businesses and assigning seed capital for small businesses in Vermont. Part of his plan was to allocate $15 million for start up costs and to grant tax deferrals on capital gains invested in early businesses. Loans for unemployed Vermonters interested in small businesses was another one of his ideas from 2010.

Renewable energy was also a top priority in the 2010 campaign. As a top driver in Vermont's Brownfields Reuse Initiative, it comes as no surprise that Vermont's rural communities are a large focus. The initiative uses federal and state funds to update polluted industrial areas and repurposes them for residential and office spaces.

A lot of energy going into Dunne's 2016 campaign is going towards smaller communities in Vermont. "If Vermont is going to turn the corner and become a more sustainable state, it's going to be based on the success of places like Caledonia and Orleans counties" Dunne said, a strategy, which may have lead to his downfall in 2010 when he came in fourth in Caledonia.

Dunne continues his tour around Vermont continues Thursday, September, 17th at 6pm in Orange County.

Dunne in St. J QT from NewsLINC on Vimeo.