A Cap on Capstone Projects

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pictureST. JOHNSBURY- Today was the big day for many St. Johnsbury Academy freshman who completed their capstone projects. 

At Fuller Hall on St. Johnsbury Academy's campus, groups of students gave presentations on their humanities capstone projects.


A capstone project is a muiltfaced assignment that requires more steps and in depth thinking then an every day project.  They are usually timed to be completed towards the end of a certain academic program.

This years theme for the projects was to connect the students to four institutions in St. Johnsbury, including The Athenaeum, Catamount Arts, The History and Heritage Center, as well as The Fairbanks Museum and Planetarium.

Freshman Humanities Program Coordinator, Denise Scavitto, was impressed with the amount of time each group spent working on these projects and with how much she learned from the presentations. Scavitto said "I spent a lot of time learning more about the Athenaeum and History and Heritage Center and different buildings in town. The teachers are learning as well and that's been really fun."

This was the third year St. Johnsbury Academy has had freshman complete capstone projects, which the students have been working on since December.