St. Johnsbury School Receives Grants

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st j new grantST. JOHNSBURY - The school district of St. Johnsbury is receiving four grants, some of which will be effective as early as next school year.


St. Johnsbury School District Superintendent, Ranny Bledsoe, says that these grants are in place to really focus on early education.

"We're very excited, we feel like this school is really becoming organized for improvement and we've been very thoughtful about writing the grants." Bledsoe said, "We are committed at working hard to make sure the money really makes a difference for the kids."

 The Twenty-First Century Community Learning Center totals out to 125-thousand dollars, which will go into effect next school year.

Promise Community Grant is another, which could carry a 200-thousand dollar weight, but needs to go through a planning process that will take up to two years.

The Vermont Community Preschool Collaborative will provide 20-thousand dollars, and the First School Grant, that doesn't have a cash value to it yet, which will provide the school with professional development, support, and stregthen the overall instructional programs for grades pre-school through third grade.