Puppy in Training

k9ST. JOHNSBURY - There's a new face at the St. Johnsbury police department.

A nine week old black lab puppy was donated to the force though local merchants. Police dogs are used as a means of law enforcement. It is best to get a dog as a puppy and train him as he grows up.


The police force in St. Johnsbury believes the pup will benefit the community greatly. Labador retrievers are great police dogs because they can easily sniff out bombs and drugs.

Officer Barone says "I think a lot people can relate to a dog such as him, he's really personable and he's energetic and he likes to bite stuff."

The puppy, who's name is Bodie, relies on donations from local merchants and the charity from the community.

The police force is not the only one who's excited to have Bodie on the squad. People in the St. Johnsbury community could not be happier. Priscilla Sodums, a volunteer at St. Johnsbury Anthenaeum says "I think it's great for public relations for for the department and the community and I mean it's just wonderful."

Bodie is just a puppy now but soon he will begin his police training period. Barone says Bodie will have six weeks of training to find drugs, and four weeks of training to find missing people. The police force believes Bodie has great potential to help the force when he grows up.


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