St. Johnsbury Selectboard Holds Special Meeting

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stjselectST. JOHNSBURY - The St. Johnsbury selectboard held a special meeting Tuesday that stirred up some frustration within the community.

The agenda for the meeting was sent out on Monday, which gave residents less then a day to plan to attend.

The agenda included Bond Resolution Ratification, Director or Public Works, and and Executive session. When the meeting started at the towns welcome center at 6 P.M., the selectboard said they had nine candidates lined up for the vacant Director of Public Works position, but not too much else. Discussion lasted only four minutes before going into executive session, and did not return to public forum.

Attendees of the meeting left confused. Many residents were not able to make the meeting because it was on such sort notice, and the people that were able to attend were upset they attended but where not able to discuss the candidates for the position of Director of Public works. Residents worry the selectboard is being to secretive and not taking public opinion into account.

St. Johnsbury resident Mike Fortier says "There's nothing on the agenda that gives anybody any idea of what the topic is going to be, what the subject matter is going to be."  Fortier added "And tonight they spent less than probably two minutes and the adjourned to an approximately 4 hour or 3 hour executive session. More transparency, for whatever reason, that this board seems to keep itself dug in and defiant."