Lessons Behind Cooking

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learning kitchenST. JOHNSBURY- Today wraps up the Northeast Kingdom Youth Services Learning Kitchen program. The program is geared towards low income families and teaches participants about preparing meals that have high nutritional value with a low budget. 

The program ran for six sessions with participants of all ages, and taught the participants things such as cooking with tofu instead of meat due to the high cost of meat. 


"You know if we can get people in here and teach them how to actually cook good food and how to stretch their budget, we can see a rollover because of how poverty works," said Michelle Farnham, a facilitator of Learning Kitchen, "And how bad habits work is a generational thing, you do what you learn." 

It is often resorted to cooking low quality meals when on a low budget because not many people know about what can be used to substitute what and still get a good nutritional value. 

Participant Kianna Crosson saw the benefits to the program, "Its been good I've learned a lot of budgeting and what foods are really healthy for you, along with what foods aren't, and we definitely learned portion size."

It is encouraged that people who are interested in lessons for this program should contact Northeast Kingdom Youth Services at 803-748-8732.