Musical History Continues

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festival of bandsST. JOHNSBURY- The third oldest band in the country is preparing for its 185th year of continuous existence. This band dates all the way back to the 1800s, when it began.

The band, originally knows as "The Brass Band," was started in 1830 and has had several names in its long existence. Including "The Cornet Band", "The Serenade Band", and the "St. Johnsbury Consolidated Band". Until that name was later shortened to its current "St. Johnsbury Band."


The only two bands in the country that are older then the "St. Johnsbury Band" are "The West Point Military Band and the Allentown, PA Band, which were respectively started in 1827 and 1829.

On Wednesday the band, which is comprised of members aged thirteen to ninety years old, will take part in the Festival of Bands at the St. Johnsbury School.

Chris Douglas, joined the band in 1967, and is proud that this year will be a family affair for her. "I enjoy playing my instrument. At one point I had two of my sons in their bands, in the concert." Douglas went on to say that other members of the band have had this happen to them as well.

Douglas hopes that with her sons participating in this years event, younger students will feel an urge to become part of the third oldest band in the country.

The Festival of Bands starts at 7p.m. on Wednesday at the St. Johnsbury School. This event is the annual spring concert for bands from the St. Johnsbury School, St. Johnsbury Academy, and the St. Johnsbury Band.