St. J Gets No Break from Water Breaks

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STJWaterMainBreakST. JOHNSBURY- A water main break in St. Johnsbury has lead to the closing of Federal Street while workers attempt to repair the damage. The St. Johnsbury Department of Public Works is working with C&C Bunnell Excavating to begin repairs to the water main.


Today’s initial repairs are expected to take just three to four hours while Friday’s scheduled repair of the water main itself may take longer.  

“There’s a broken water main on top of the hill and in order to shut the water main down to repair it, we have to put in an insertion valve,” said Nathan Laflamme, Owner of C&C Bunnell Excavating, “That’s what we’re doing today to prepare for the work on Friday.”

The insertion valve on Federal Street and Pearl Street has lead to a reduction in water pressure for the town, but there have been no reports of any local homes or businesses being affected by this.  

The actual water main repair could affect more people, Laflamme told us, stating, “For the water main repair, they have to dig down and actually find where the break is so that could be a little more involved.”  

Laflame believes the break occurred either Tuesday morning or possibly Monday, but the town hopes to have it repaired soon and urges residents to keep their faucets dripping to prevent their pipes from freezing, so that more breaks do not occur.