Kiwanis Club for a Cause

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kiwanis day 1ST. JOHNSBURY - The annual Kiwanis auction is underway in St. Johnsbury. The event, which started on Monday, March 16, will run until Wednesday, March 18. The times you are able to call and donate are from 6pm to 9pm.

The funds earned from the auction go to keeping the public swimming pool in St. Johnsbury open every summer for more than 700 swimmers to go and enjoy a cool swim while enjoying the sunshine.

The auction is run a little differently than it has been in the past however. While the event used to be run exclusively by bidding over the phone, people who want to buy from the auction can now do their bidding online which helps simplify the process for many people, including Kiwanis Pool Chair, Denise Stuart, who had this to say: "It wasn't on computer when I started bidding, but we did it all by phone, and then you'd have to wait, and sometimes you'd get a busy signal and you'd have to keep dialing in and everything so with the kids we had them all around the table and it was really kind of exciting for them."

Not only does going to the online method help simplify things, the club is also getting more people to bid on items which helps raise more money.