Problems With the Curriculum?

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st j schoolboard 2

ST. JOHNSBURY - Last night the St. Johnsbury School Board met to discuss a number of things on the agenda. The meeting was business as usual until the topic of curriculum came into the conversation.

Certain board members feel that the "Common Core" testing standards are an unnecessary step in teaching students.

The Common Core is a standardized test that is used in schools, from Kindergarten all the way to twelfth grade. The test is used in 46 states nationwide, including Vermont.

Tony Greenwood, a St. Johnsbury school board member expressed his displeasure last night regarding the testing standard, and feels it is insufficient in the way it is used seeing as how it is not taught to students starting in the first grade.

Greenwood also feels the school system's curriculum could also use some tweaks. He feels that some of the math is not helping children learn. Greenwood has noticed that many parents cannot do the math which means they are unable to help their children with homework in the evening.