Hospice Awareness Month

NVRH logoST.JOHNSBURY- November is the month of Hospice and Palliative care awareness. Hospice for those that don't know, is a care facility and program that caters to people that have only 6 months left to live and are seeking comfort rather than a cure for their illness.

Last night News7 met the assistant director of Caldedoina Home Health Care and Hospice Allison Wright which is a sector of the Northern Vermont Regional Hospital and learned how Hospice can be a vital part of the last months of somebodies life.

Currently, Caldedonia Home Health Care and Hospice is providing support for about 20 patients, that support ranges from administering medication to helping with spiritual difficulties and preparing care-givers for what is to come in their loved ones last few months of life and after they're gone.

"Part of our hospice team, and another beautiful thing about the hospice program is that it's not only taking care of the patient but it's also the family and the caregivers because what happens to the patient happens to the caregivers, and so part of our work is also not only treating their physical symptoms like pain or nausea or vomiting, but also any emotional or spiritual pain that they may be having."

Hospice although similar to Palliative care is not exactly the same thing. Palliative care similarly to Hospice care is aimed at people with terminal illnesses but Palliative care unlike Hospice provides curative treatments, with the hopes that the patient will live longer than the doctors predict.

In the past Hospice has come under-fire when their patients die; according to wright "We do administer Morphine to patients in their final stages of cancer because that sometimes is the only way to provide comfort for them, and unfortunately sometimes the loved ones of the patient think that the morphine cause the patient to die but that's not the case."

If you or your loved one has a terminal illness and around six months to live you can contact NVRH online.

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