New Garage for Lyndon area?

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lyndongaragefinalLYNDONVILLE - Lyndonville is looking to combine the town and village garages, in an effort to create a more effective situation for all areas.

The Village Board of Trustees and select board met collectively on September 10th to decide where the garage will be and who will build it.


The main reason behind the combining of the garages, is so the two areas can share resources they might otherwise not share.

"We will build this new garage that will have all of the resources for both the town and the village public works and highway under one roof. For example the village has a back hoe the town does not. There are times that the town could use a back hoe. If it was in the same building sitting there unused, there is no reason why they can't be using it," explains Lyndonville Town Manager Dan Hill.

Hill sent out a request for proposals for the project. Three companies responded with proposals, including E.H. Danson Associates, Dubois and King Incorporated, and Black River Design Architects.The two proposed spots for the garage are a part of the railroad in the village, and the Nye-Grund Property on Route 114.

At September 10th's meeting, the boards chose Black River design. The first process they used to figure out which bid to go with was an overall comparison of all aspects, price, design, etc. All three companies were well received, so a suggestion was made to go with the cheapest option.

Black River Design had a proposal designed for each proposed land space, they will now work with the boards to choose which space and project is best suited for the purpose.