String of Citations in Lyndon

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LYNDON - The Lyndonville Police Department has seen an increase in citations in recent weeks.

As students at Lyndon State College return from break, the department has issued mand tickets and citations for various causes.

One of the main citations the department has handed out is for skateboarding in the middle of the road. Police Chief Jack Harris says that it's not repeat offenders that are being cited, but new students to the college that don't know they aren't allowed to. "A lot of them are young, new to college kids," said Chief Harris.

Harris wants to remind people that the town put in skate parks for a reason. "It may not be as fun as going down McGoff Hill, but it's a lot cheaper."

Also a recent issue on McGoff hill has been speeding. Harris said the police department has cited drivers on several occasions over the past few weeks for driving too fast down the the road, including a citation for driving over 50 miles per hour in a 35 miles per hour zone.

Even with the recent increase in issues, Harris says that he doesn't expect them to last much longer.