Parking Ban Comes to Lyndonville

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parkingbanLYNDON- The town of Lyndon is getting ready to put the parking ban in the coming weeks in order to prepare for the winter season. The parking ban starts on November 1st and ends on April 15th going from the times of 12 am to 7am.

Town Manager Justin Smith says the purpose of the ban is to help road crews during the winter season, "basically it allows us to plow when we're in the middle of a snow storm and clean up what we've pushed during the day time just to get the lanes of traffic clear." With the clean-up it helps widen up the roads for cars during the day time making it easier and safer for drivers.


When there are storms that bring several inches of snow, crews must plow during the day while the storm is still happening. The ban allows for crews to easily remove that snow from the sidewalk and get rid of any snowbanks that are forming. Smith stresses the importance of the ban and that residents need to follow it even when it's not snowing, "A lot of people associate the parking ban with why can't it just when it snows, in a lot of cases it's because we have a continued clean up issues beyond the snow storm doesn't have to be snowing for us to need to do stuff." An example is if snow melts during the day and it freezes overnight, crews need to get salt and sand on the roads before the morning traffic starts.

The ban takes place in the village part of Lyndon, on the south side of town it starts at Boston St. near Easy Auto and goes anywhere north of there and anywhere south of the bridge near Everybody's restaurant on Route 5. On the east side of the village Pine Hurst area is cut in half meaning the western side is under the ban. The western side of town that follows the Passumpic River.

Residents in the village are allowed to park on the southern side of the parking lot at the Municipal Building during the hours of the parking ban. A $15 violation ordinance is in place for those who don't apply to the rules. Smith says the town tries to keep the towing limited but will if necessary, "