Lyndonville Police Seek Suspect of Car Vandalisms

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carvandalsimLYNDONVILLE- Lyndonville Police are still searching for the person or persons responsible for recent vehicle vandalisms in town.

"We're getting calls about windows that are shot out by pellet guns, and cars that are dented by golf balls," said Police Chief, Jack Harris. 

According to Harris, the vandalisms started last week, and the targeted vehicles have been along Route 5 from Lyndon Corner through Depot Street, and along Center Street.

The vandalisms have taken place during the early evening and overnight hours, and Harris estimates that seven or eight cars have been damaged so far. At this point, it's not determined whether or not a vehicle is being used, or if the vandalisms are being committed by foot.

As of now, the police department doesn't have many definite leads. "We have one person that we're looking at, but until we can get a little more evidence on it, that's all we can do at this time. Keep an eye on him and make sure he's not doing anything around the time that we've been getting the vandalisms," said Harris. He then went on to note their effort to work with local businesses in order to find video footage that may reveal the suspect.

Moving forward, Harris encourages those in town to keep an eye on their vehicles and to be conscious of where they're parking. "It's kind of difficult. One family out in Lyndon Corner, they park the car where they have to, and because of the close proximity to Route 5 they've actually been hit a couple times. So if you hear anything, don't put it off. I'd check right then and give us a call because the sooner we can get there, we can narrow down time frames and then maybe get some video on it."

Harris encourages anyone with information to contact the Lyndonville Police Department at (802) 626-1271.