First Winter for Fenton Chester's Management

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Fenton ChesterLYNDONVILLE - Management of the Fenton Chester Ice Arena changed hands this past summer. Lyndon Institute is now at the helm of the rink after taking over from the Lyndon Area Sports Association (LASA). According to, the school has a five year contract to oversee the rink. 

Ownership shifted to LI back on August 11th, 2016. One full winter season into managing the facility, General Manager of the Fenton Chester Arena, Chris Carr said “It’s gone ok. For me, with my background coming from the ski area industry, it’s a lot different to make ice and that process with the maintenance of the ice. Along with all of the scheduling”. Carr encourages the public to voice their opinions about the rink, “good stuff or bad stuff. The bad stuff we can work on.” Looking ahead to the future, Carr hopes that because he now has a feel for the process, next year will go off without a hitch. “Next year hopefully will be a little smoother for me now that I know what it entails.” 

Recently the arena made a smooth transition from ice to artificial turf. It took just eight hours for the ice to be stripped away with a skid steer, and then only three and a half more for the turf to be laid in place. The arena was transformed to prepare for the vast array of athletic activities that will be coming this spring. According to activities offered will include, “indoor soccer, ultimate frisbee, volleyball, wiffleball and lacrosse”, with leagues being determined by different age groups.

When asked what he enjoys most about his position as general manager of the arena, Carr responded, “to see the kids come out and skate on what you’ve accomplished, that’s the best part of the whole job.” Carr continued to say, “you see everybody’s face light up when they come in and skate on it. Then you know you’ve done a good job. It’s all for the community. That’s why I do it.”

The arena is continuing to look for new ways to better serve the public. Even going as far as looking into the possibility of laser tag.