Farmers Concerns On Future Farming

Agriculture TourLYNDONVILLE- At Lyndon State College last week the Vermont Agency of Agriculture hosted a meeting for farmers of Vermont and the public. At this event famers of all scale attended to hear thoughts from othere farmers and the agency.

One of the farmers said lot of the small scale farmers that attended this meeting spoke a lot about their concerns. They expressed to the agency that it has been hard for them to adpot previous rules that had been put in place in recent years. For example one of the regulations that pin point what it meant to be a true organic farm.


Some of these farmers are still getting used to the recent regulations and told the Vermont agency that they shouldn't set more rules until they are comfortable to moving forward. The smaller scale farmers are worried that they won't be able to accomidate future regulations.


Commercial or large to medium sized farms would not have much to change because they already had most of these regulations established and completed in previous years. According to one local farmer a lot of what was discussed, their farm knew about and have had these plans of change adpoted already. The new ideas for the future of farming came as no suprise to him. 


Other concerns that farmers expressed was that their crops were being affected by the change in weather. This is forcing farmers to change the way they are running their farms and a result where it was becoming more expensive to run their farms. An idea to help with this issue farmers were asking if it was possible for the state to help fund their farms if they needed it. The agency is still in the process of going to different locations and listening to what people have to say.


There will be another meeting held Monday February 27 at Middlebury Parks and Recreation gym from 10 a.m.-12p.m.

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