Chinese New Year Celebration

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LYNDONVILLE— Saturday was the first day of the Chinese Lunar New Year. Also known as the Spring Festival, the holiday is very family oriented, similar to Christmas and Thanksgiving in the United States.


Lyndon Institute student Yiien Qu said  “In China we celebrate at home. Actually a lot of people will work in the countryside or in the city, but their home is actually in the countryside.” Qu went on to say “So, Spring Festival or Lunar New Year is the time people get back to home, its union time.”


Students at LI welcomed the Lunar New Year with a celebration of their own on Saturday. The celebration featured a traditional Chinese meal, prepared by students, and the night was capped off with a fireworks display.

For Chinese students who are away from home, the celebration was appreciated. When asked if he liked that LI put on the celebration, student Sean Yuan said, “Yes I do. This makes it so the Chinese students here can sit together and laugh. Well actually as you can see from the kitchen, we cook together, and then we help each other make food and enjoy the time we do that”. On a day that they would traditionally gather with family and loved ones to enjoy a large meal, they were able to be accompanied by their classmates. “It’s really precious to us, we consider LI a community and a home for us” Qu said.

The celebration was one of a series of community dinners that LI puts on every month. Each month a different culture is highlighted. This was the fifth community dinner that LI has had this school year.