LSC Veterans Receive New Memorial

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WALLLYNDONVILLE - About one hundred people gathered at Veterans Park last Friday for the annual Veteran's Day Ceremony at Lyndon State College. Military members and family members of those who served attended the event along with LSC students and faculty. 

The event showed the communities strong appreciation and gratitude for all the student Veterans, and for all of those who have served their Country by adding a brand new plaque to LSC's Veterans park. Just last Veteran's Day Lyndon State College unveiled a “Wall of Honor” plaque displaying the names of LSC faculty, staff, and students who have served in the armed forces.

At the event, U.S. Navy veteran and LSC Veteran’s Club President Heather Morris spoke of a bond shared by those who have served their country. “I am honored to be a part of this amazing community, to know and have known so many amazing veterans who I know would be there for me at the drop of a hat - no distance too far."

LSC has a long and proud history of educating Veterans who have served their Country. Lyndon is a member of the Yellow Ribbon Program, which makes additional funds and scholarships available for veterans beyond the GI Bill entitlement. Military spouses also receive tuition benefits at Lyndon State College, and out-of-state veterans are eligible for in-state tuition rates.

There were other speeches made by officials about the history of LSC’s Veteran’s Park, the history of Veteran’s Day and some of the current issues facing veterans. The ceremony concluded with the additions of 30 local veterans and LSC community members onto the Wall of Honor in Veterans Park.

The 2016 Veteran Wall of Honor inductees were Robert V. Bardsley Jr., Wilfred J. Bisson Jr., Jean S. Charles, Daniel X. Cotem Melinda R. Cusson, Adam J. Dobler, Richard F. Dunn Jr., Frank B. Follett III, Stephen B. Gingras, Adam M. Gordon, Davin A. Hagman, Andres C. Hahr, Wyatt S. Healy, ames E. Holst, Donald W. Hume, Edward P. Jarrosak, Richard A. Jarvis, Evan C. Johnson, Colin S. MacDonald, Amy E. Michalczyk, Joshua A. Nadeau, Michael R. Noyes, Sean O’Connor, Joseph A. Palmeri, Mattew C. Peters, Timothy F. Peters, Charles E. Ryan, Neal A. Wells, Zachary A. Willey and Donald R. Young Jr.

Veteran Matthew Peters wants people to "remember... that we volunteer for it. So regardless of whether you're sitting behind a desk doing paper work or you're fighting on the front line you are making a sacrifice and we're all working... to support the people who are on the front line."